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About 4D
-- Phillip Mills
U.S. National & International Coach & Choreographer
"Being a World and Olympic Choreographer & Coach means being open to the newest and most innovative means to help our skaters succeed. My students that utilize the 4D slideboards have improved in explosion from the legs with minimal impact. Clarity of position in the air to increase success ratio, and a much needed kinesthetic awareness of their body. Thank You Rebecca Dever!!"

Let the Revolution Begin ...
Coach Becky and Rorie Flack working on the 4D Slideboard
4D Skating Revolution has the chance to change figure skating training, and hence figure skating forever!  4D Skating is a uniquely focused company that emphasizes body preservation as the core of its training programs.  The number of serious injuries being sustained by figure skaters in increasing rapidly as the athleticism of the technical elements continues to be pushed forward.  The beauty of figure skating often masks the pure power and strength needed to accomplish the jumps.

As training takes on a more scientific role, innovative training methods are being sought to compliment the traditional training programs.  The skating community, along with the governing
bodies, is looking for ways to improve training, diminish injuries, and preserve skaters’ careers.  4D skating has nobly stepped forward as a leader encompassing all the aspects of improved training and skating.  

Under the leadership of Rebecca Dever, 4D Skating has combined the proven aspects of traditional training with the 4D Skating training programs.  The combination of the old and the new allow 4D trained athletes to develop stronger jump mechanics and improved muscle memory, while reducing impact on the body.  4D Skating has many envelope skaters already using the training programs and 4D Slideboards along with skaters of every level.

The goal of 4D Skating Revolution is simple:  To put the tools developed by Becky Dever into the hands of every coach worldwide allowing all athletes to reach their potential through the mitigation of undue repetitive stress injuries.  4D Skating Revolution will continue to drive innovation in both products and tools, along with its coveted exercises.