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About the Founder
Rebecca Dever
Becky Dever is a dedicated and talented professional skating coach with over 20 years experience.  She is a World, National and Jr. National Coach, with a PSA Level 6 Ranking, along with her PSA Senior Rating in Freestyle and is PSA Rated in Moves-in-the-Field.  She has earned a BS Degree in Biology with an emphasis in Physics.  An accomplished National level competitor and a double gold medalist in figures and freestyle, she brings her passion for the creative process, her
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Becky invented and developed the 4-D Slide Board™* horizontal skating training technique which emphasizes body preservation and development of muscle memory.  This innovative new process is one that she has already accomplished great success with and one that she is currently demonstrating and teaching in her seminar series.

Becky and her family recently relocated to Sugar Land, TX from Detroit, MI, where she taught for the Detroit Skating Club.  In addition to her coaching and teaching duties, she volunteered to direct and organize inner club events.  In all her effort, Becky hopes to leave a positive lasting contribution to the sport she considers an anchor in her life.
commitment to excellence and her dynamic personality to her students both on and off the ice.  She is a successful seminar speaker/demonstrator for the PSA and skating clubs throughout the United States and has published articles in PSA and SKATING Magazine.  She is a US Figure Skating S.T.A.R.S. Combined Facilitator, and US Figure Skating Sports Science and Medicine Committee, 2011 PSA Sports Science Award Nominee, results yet to be determined.