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Private Training

Private Training

Developmental Phases

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Private lessons are designed to enhance the on-ice training experience through the use of the 4D Slideboard.  Becky Dever becomes part of the coaching team and works closely with the head coach to identify short and
Private Lessons
long-term goals, skating strengths and weaknesses, areas of training frustration, and opportunities for advancement.  Once these have been identified, the athlete’s training program is customized, targeting the areas that will most benefit them. 

The fundamentals learned on the 4D Slideboard are easily threaded to the on-ice applications.  The feeling of the jumps and positions are more acutely perceived by the skaters.  The understanding of the ‘in-air positions’ have been defined on the board and the skaters achieve the awareness of position along with a greater consistency. 

Private lessons can be offered in a host of manners.  There are individual and semi-private lessons.  Since there is no need for ice, the 4D Slideboard lessons can be taught most anywhere.  Currently, lessons are done at Plex, local arenas, and via SKYPE, a free online video conferencing application.

This success you have attained is brought forth by your tremendous enthusiasm and understanding of each skaters unique physical, as well as, mental aptitude. You have really made a difference with our daughter!  Thanks for all the encouragement, training and patience you have shown for her! I'm so very proud we have gotten to know you over this year, and VERY PROUD for you and your successes! Awesome! Very well done!
"Skating Parent"