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The goals of the 4D Skating seminars is to offer an all encompassing training program that focuses on the fundamentals of figure skating, jump mechanics, spins, and the overall skating development.  Centered around the use of the 4D Slideboard, the seminars are focused on better mechanics, muscle memory, and an emphasis on body preservation. 
The seminars are customized to meet the needs of the clubs, rinks, and/or coaches, disciplines, and skater levels.  All seminars include the 4D Slideboard training programs starting with Phase I.  According to the goals of the organizing entity, the seminars can also include on-ice sessions for the threading of the 4D Slideboard exercises (recommended), choreography, learn to skate, and hockey (through the partnership with G1 Performance).  Please see the list of seminar topics below along with an example of the 4D Slideboard only training.

4D Skating looks forward to planning a seminar with your organization.  No matter the level of skaters, from learn to skate to our elite athletes, 4D Skating seminars can custom develop a seminar that covers all the facets of figure skating that your organization is seeking.  The 4D Skating staff has experience with all disciplines of figure skating.

Seminar Types

4D Slideboard Phases training ** Please see attached seminar program example
The following are seminar topics that can be incorporated with the 4D Slideboard phased trainings:

-On-ice threading of exercises to enforce and translate skills from horizontal and vertical 4D Slideboard training to the vertical on-ice environment-
Core strength building
-Step sequences
-Stroking mechanics
-Pairs, Dance and Synchronized specific
-Learn to Skate programs and fundamentals
-Hockey - in conjunction with G1 Performance Training