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Slideboard Models

Slideboard Models
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4D SlideBoard
Weighing just over 4lbs and when rolled, fits into the overhead compartments on an airplane, the 4D SlideBoard is the perfect training apparatus for every skater.  Its size and portability allow it to become a central part of all training aspects.  Perfect for individual training, the 4D SlideBoard can be used for endurance training, conditioning, off-ice warm-up, stride mechanics, jump technique, core stabilization and strengthening, and stretching. 

Today, the 4D SlideBoard can be seen in homes, hotels, rinks, training facilities, and competitions around the country and world!  This year, the 4D SlideBoard made appearances at US Nationals, Junior Nationals, Junior Worlds, and international events!

4D Extreme
The larger of the 4D SlideBoard, the 4D Extreme takes all the uses of the 4D SlideBoard and adds much more.  The size of the 4D Extreme allows for multiple athletes to train together.  The 4D Extreme can be used for group classes and is used by coaches in private and semi-private off-ice lessons.  Pairs and Dance can also use the 4D Extreme as part of their training, replicating the feel of movement across the ice in lifts and moves.  The 4D Extreme can be used for complete off-ice program run-throughs with smooth and natural transitions. 

Hundreds of skaters from basic skills through Team USA international competitors have trained using the 4D Extreme.  The 4D Extreme is used at the Plex training facility for their figure skating classes with up to 25 skaters a session!