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What is 4D Skating
Definition of 4th Dimension:

       The 4th Dimension is taking the third dimension and rotating it
       onto its mirror image.

Centered around the 4D Slideboard, 4D Skating Revolution is a reduced impact
training and conditioning program designed to build stronger jump mechanics
without the athlete adding undue stress to the body.  This innovative, off-ice system
of exercises and techniques is focused on assisting and emphasizing body preser-
vation while developing muscle memory, which are essential factors in performance
on the ice.

The questions arise:  How can a skater effectively make a correction to a jump when
the entire event occurs within .4-.6 seconds?  At the same time, how can the skater hit
a body position that they have never been able to physically obtain and therefore do not fully understand what it should feel like?

The answer to these questions is at the heart of training of figure skating.  4D Skating Revolution has figured it out!   The innovation of the 4D Slideboard became the catalyst that started the training revolution.  The use of the 4D Slideboard allows the skaters to isolate specific movements of the jump in a non-confrontational environment without fear of falling. 

As the skater improves the movements and positions through the individual exercises on the 4D Slideboard, the exercises can be dynamically increased and threaded together.  The exercises on the 4D Slideboard are done in the revolutionary horizontal position directly simulating the on-ice vertical jump.  By taking jump mechanics and rotating them onto their mirror image, horizontal jump development has been formed:  ie. 4D Skating Revolution. 

What goes up, must come down:

By eliminating gravitation forces that are experienced during jumping, body awareness and mechanics can be manually adjusted frame by frame which will allow the skater feel the position, teaches the crucial muscle memory, and improve fluidity of movement.  Improved mechanics, acute body awareness, fluidity of movement through the jump, and strength through isolation are the trademarks of the 4D Skating Revolution training programs. 
Coach Becky and athletes at horizontal jump training
"I think that the slideboard is a huge advantage to any coach or athlete. The fact that you can perform and expect the same explosive jumps on the slideboard, without any impact on the joints, is an advantage to anyone.

The other factor, you are able to do many more repetitions and do so in an environment that might be easier to coach in versus on the ice, has to also be taken into account. So if anyone is really trying to take their athlete or coaching to another level, I couldn't see you doing so without the slideboard."
Danny Arnold