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Training - Work Plans:

Work plans can be simple generic programs that cover off-ice warm-ups through the fully customized plans that cover the entire skating year down to the week by week or even day by day!  4D knows that when a customized plan is developed for a skated, there are many factors that must be considered if it going to be successfully achieved.  Input from skaters and coaches are crucial to the success of the plan along with the need to understand goals, challenges, competitions, and commitments. 

Training should be phased through the year with changing emphasis on what and how to train.  4D Skating uses a 3-phase training approach:  mechanics, strength, and conditioning.  Early in the figure skating year, there is a greater focus on learning new jumps, spins, and footwork.  These ‘mechanics’ are being learned by the skaters and will eventually be part of their competitive programs.  As the skaters grasp the mechanical aspects of the new elements, the focus changes to ‘strengthening’ exercises that build the muscle strength to execute them.  Finally, the exercises enter the ‘conditioning’ phases which will builds the endurance and improves the muscle memory making the new elements a consistent part of the program.

The custom work plans also take into account periodization training, competition schedules, hours of daily training, and coach’s goals.  The goal of reducing the number of jump repetitions by 30% is always prevalent in the customized work plans and as the season progresses, the number of jump repetitions should diminish as the skater moves from ‘mechanical’ phase to ‘strength and conditioning’ phases.